Welcome my fellow men(and in between)

Hello! This blog is dedicated to the brave men who love beign "Stay at home dads" or just plain stay at home men! In this blog you will find tips on how to please that hard working woman that supports you. cheers mates!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Working out could prove very rewarding if you are a stay at home dad like me, since we are the "trophy husbands" we must keep the house clean and our body's looking like a Greek god. When my wife first started working and i staying home,i spent most of my time playing call of duty or watching hbo series (Entourage, True blood, etc.), after 5 months of that i started to notice my body wasn't what it used to be so i decided to start running again and taking my dog for long walks, also i started to watch what i ate, microwave burritos are a thing of the past for me but to this day i cant bring myself to drink "light beer".
Remember guys find a Hobie outside yo couch.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Im back!! Pets.......

Hello my fellow bloggers and stay at home dads im back with a vengence and this time im here to stay!
Theres one thing in this world that brings my wife more joy than me massaging her feet(sore subject i hate giving massages) its our little shitzu "sushi". Sushi is a 2 year old pure shitzu and in my house she is treated like royalty; i mean my wife probably buys her an outfit every week, with that beign said il begin telling yall the reason im in the dog house for a while. About 3 months ago my wife had to travel out of the country for work so i decided while shes gone i would go visit my parents in Utah (i know utah sucks), any who long story short i was supposed to take the dog with me but didnt..... well it costs like 300 bucks to take her on the plane Fuck that!! so i left her at one of my buddys house. 2 weeks later i came back to California and went to pick up my dog, sure enough my buddy explained to me that his chihuahua had banged my little dog, at that moment i knew i was in a world of trouble if she got prego (my dog isnt fixed, i know im a monster sue me). So 3 months go by and my dog is feeling a little sick she wont eat, she had diarhea etc. I never told my wife what had happened so she didnt know, so we went to the vet to c what was wrong with her and i knew the vet was going to tell her and id be in deep shit. We waited in a little waiting room with our pup and the vet walks in, and has us put sushi in the exam table; he takes the thermometer and sticks it in her ass and sure enough as soon as he did that sushi starts shitting out a baby!!! OMFG. After a few hours of beign called every name in the book the mut started to grow on my wife so we decided to keep it.
moral of the story "Just because I don't care, doesn't mean I don't understand." = Homer Simpson
my new pup pippa midleton lol!!